IBC Power Flowers

05 July 2019
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If you want to mix color in food, nothing beats the ease of use of IBC Power Flowers.  The 6 advantages of using IBC Power Flowers are:- 

1) Not just for Chocolate

Power Flowers can colour not only chocolate. It’s ideal for colouring any fat-based recipe, such as cocoa butter, ice cream, mousses, marzipan, glazes, sugar paste, sugar fondant, buttercream, dough and more.

Power Flowers

2) Fully Concentrated

You only need a few Power Flowers to colour  400g of fat-based mass due to the concentration.

Power Flowers

3. Unlimited Colour Palette

With Power Flowers in the 4 primary colors (red, blue, yellow and white) and the Sparkling Power Flowers (gold, silver, copper and sparkling red), you can create every color imaginable. The Colour Masters and the mobile App give the correct formula for creating every colour that you wish to.

Power Flowers

4. Multiple Choices

AZO, AZO, NON AZO or from Natural Origin, Power Flowers come in any option to meet the desires of your customers. Need something festive of with a little sparkle? Sparkling Power Flowers create an instant wow- factor to your creations.

Power Flowers

5. Time Saving

Power Flowers melt instantly in the microwave or in liquid chocolate or cocoa butter. So you can immediately start colouring – and in just a matter of seconds, your chocolate or cocoa butter has the tone or colour you want.

Power Flowers

6. Consistent Results

Power Flowers are easy to measure by breaking them in separate pieces. With the Colour Masters chart and the Mobile App, you have a formula for every colour imaginable. If you follow the Color Master precisely, identical amounts will guarantee the same result each and every time - with zero wastage.

The success of this range has lead to an app being created the easy-to-use Power Flowers App. This colour library will not only inspire, it will help you to choose your favorite shades. It also checks extensively whether your recipe remains within the permitted colour quota. This simple and secure backup relieves you of all your doubts about rules and restrictions.  Download the app.

To get started using Power Flowers buy the Discovery Kit