Image titleSparc Kitchen, established in Amsterdam in 2015, was conceived in response to a growing appetite for high-quality, plant-based foods. Since launch, they’ve crafted an exceptional plant-based range, enjoyed in premium food establishments across Europe. With a mantra of ‘eat good, do good’, they endorse a plant-forward lifestyle, promoting climate resilience, health, and animal welfare.

Their delicious culinary creations like red-carrot burgers, kimchi cabbage burgers, breaded ebi fry, and thinly sliced vegan doner, emphasise flavour. They proudly use local, natural ingredients like vegetables and organic oats, forgoing soy in their recipes. Their protein-rich vegan doner is even the fuel of choice for the Olympic Dutch rowing team.

Sparc Kitchen is also a leader in sustainable practices. Vegetables are sourced directly from local farmers, grown in the open air, not greenhouses, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. Ingredients are transported in returnable crates, minimising packaging waste. After production, goods are frozen to extend shelf life, reducing food waste.

Their production facility operates exclusively on wind and solar energy, underscoring their commitment to a green future. Moreover, they value social responsibility, offering employment opportunities to those distanced from the labour market.

Redmond Fine Foods is a proud partner of this pioneering brand.

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