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The Netherlands is renowned for its first-rate milk-fed veal, a reputation duly achieved due to its high animal welfare practices. Based in Apeldoorn, Peter’s Farm has achieved an exemplary level of animal welfare thanks to their own, state-of-the-art, proprietary techniques in husbandry and care, and an approach which exceed the standards set by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. 

Peter’s Farm prides itself on their considerate treatment of calves and their philosophy is based on five core values: quality, animal welfare, traceability, food safety and transparency. Their carefully selected farming partners raise calves in natural herds and with due care given to each individual animal. This system of natural animal husbandry maintains the health of the overall herd, ensuring the animals are of similar size and weight, preventing malnutrition, while ensuring constant access to food. 

They never use hormones or other harmful additives, raising each calf on a diet of specially formulated milk and grains to encourage natural behaviour and development. 

Peter’s Farm sets the standard for veal production, founded on philosophies of excellence in farm management. Their methods combined with comprehensive safety measures results in a distinctly superior quality of veal with supreme taste, flavour and tenderness.