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Our milk-fed veal is sourced from Peter’s Farm based in Holland and is produced under exceptionally rigorous animal welfare standards having received the Better Life mark of the Nederlandse Dierenbescherming (Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals). Peter’s Farm produces veal off 6-7 month old calves in a unique, animal friendly way and are leaders in this field since 1997. Their unique approach to husbandry is reflected in the high quality, tenderness and flavour of their veal.

Animal welfare and the freedom and rest enjoyed by the calves is reflected in the quality of the veal.  Food Safety is guaranteed and the transparency of Peter's Farm gives you the possibility to trace the products back to the farm.

The five values of Peter’s Farm

Our veal products also have a fine texture, are highly nutritious, low in sodium, easily digested and can be prepared in many special ways. 

Animal Welfare
Peter’s Farm calves live in herds of approximately 60 animals and have the freedom to walk around. They choose when and how much they want to eat and whether they wish to move about, stand, lie down, play or sleep. 

All Peter’s Farm Veal Products are provided with a farm code. By using this code you can obtain all the information you want about the farmer and his family who raised the calves with love and care via their website . You can also get information about the feed and an explanation of the husbandry system.

Food Safety
The quality and Food Safety of Peter’s Farm Veal Products are continuously monitored. All ingredients used in the production of both milk feed and multi grain feed (muesli) are always checked. This procedure guarantees the purity of the feed mixes and maximizes food safety.

DNA-guarantee program

Peter’s Farm operates according to the DNA-guarantee program. A biological sample is taken from each calf that makes it possible to trace every piece of veal from the consumer back to the individual farm and even back to the individual animal quickly and with the utmost accuracy.