Image titleThe Panesco brand is part of the La Lorraine Bakery Group, a distinguished family-owned enterprise based in Belgium, which boasts over 80 years of expertise in the milling and bakery industry.

Operating from 17 production sites and frequently setting trends in foodservice, the group offer a diverse array of premium patisserie, viennoiserie, and bakery items serving an expansive network of over 35 countries. At their heart lies an unyielding commitment to product excellence, continuous innovation, and cutting-edge technology. Merging large-scale production with artisanal quality, they ensure consistent excellence, unique product ranges, and authenticity in appearance and flavour.

Understanding the pivotal role nature plays in their operations, primarily through premium wheat procurement, the group embeds sustainability at its core. With ambitious goals, they’re poised to achieve net zero in their operations by 2039, marking their centenary. Aware of the challenges, the group prioritises green energy adoption and reduced energy usage.

Moreover, their vision extends beyond their immediate operations. Aiming for net zero across the entire value chain by 2050, the La Lorraine Bakery Group is actively addressing carbon emissions, engaging collaboratively with both upstream and downstream partners, ensuring a sustainable future for the wider supply chain.

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