Dirk Peeters, a noted pastry chef, chocolatier, and glacier, established Didess in 1996 as a homage to Belgian patisserie. The business swiftly gained nationwide recognition, and today, it operates with a team of 40, offering a selection of finished desserts and dessert decorations, supplying over 15 countries worldwide.

Didess’s guiding principle is the promotion of exclusive, pioneering, and artisanal products, providing inspiration to fellow culinary professionals. They cater to time-pressed foodservice establishments where flavour and quality are paramount, such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, and coffee bars.

In 2012 Dirk Peeters joined forces with renowned chef Rudi van Beylen (Hof ten Damme restaurant in Kallo, Belgium) and Albert Adrià (El Bulli, Tickets, Enigma in Barcelona, Spain and Cakes & Bubbles, London, UK), forming R&D Food Revolution. Together, they developed unique food concepts, from flavour-rich bar snacks to high-end gastronomic creations. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of reusable and recycled packaging and a minimalist sugar use and waste reduction ethos in food production.

Didess also offer gourmet products under the distinctive brands Frozen Elements, New Tex, and Didess for Bakeries, each reflecting its own unique vision and creativity. In collaboration with pastry chefs, Didess strive to engineer culinary innovations, amplifying gastronomic experiences and elevating foodscapes. 

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