Image titleEstablished in 1976 in Nova Scotia, Canada, Clearwater Seafoods has evolved into a global leader in the seafood industry, renowned for its commitment to sustainable practices. In 2015, the company broadened its portfolio by acquiring Macduff Shellfish, a Scottish enterprise specialising in wild-caught shellfish.

Clearwater is distinguished for its exceptional product quality, rigorous food safety measures, species diversity, and reliable global distribution. One of its flagship products, the Canadian Sea Scallop, is responsibly sourced from the frigid, unspoiled waters of the Canadian North Atlantic. The scallops undergo a fresh-frozen process within an hour of capture, ensuring the retention of flavour, freshness, and nutritional value. Notably, these scallops earned the Silver Award in the 2022 British Frozen Food Awards for the Best New Fish Foodservice Product of the Year.

The company is firmly invested in community engagement, technological advancement, and scientific research. With a focus on responsible resource management, Clearwater plays an active role in preserving ocean health. They offer an extensive range of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified species, recognised as the industry benchmark for third-party verification of sustainability.

Significantly, Clearwater maintains an indigenous ownership structure through the Mi’kmaq Coalition. Established to support the local communities of the Atlantic seaboard of Canada, this investment reinforces their enduring commitment to a sustainable seafood future that will benefit generations to come.

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