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Cacao Barry
The French premium chocolate brand favoured by chocolatiers and pastry chefs around the world. With a history dating back as far as the 1840s' Cacao Barry offers a wide range of high quality cacao products such as chocolate coatings, fillings and decorative products. The  full couverture range offers a complete palette of flavours. Cacao Barry carries a core chocolate range that includes dark, milk and white chocolates that are suitable for many applications. 

Plantation Couverture
This is chocolate developed from the best beans from two plantations. Excellent for moulding, coatings, ganache and decoration.

Origine Couverture
Selected beans for this range are grown in limited quantities and originate from a single country such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Ghana with 8 different country taste profiles to choose from. Excellent for a range of applications with carying degrees of fluidity. 


"Pureté" is the next generation of chocolates encompassing to a uniquefarmer-to-chef process to offer you the best of nature while encouraging longevity offarmers engagement.Pureté is a fully traceable and sustainable range of couverture chocolates with a pure cocoa taste. There are 5 000 farmers in West Africa engaged in ensuringthe future availability of quality cacao. Through Cacao Barry support to the Cocoa Horizons foundation, we make sure our chocolates bring the purest and most diversified cacao to the table.

The Chocolate Academy in Paris teaches and trains artisans and other professionals each week on developing skills, new trends, techniques and recipes. The academy is located at the OR NOIR laboratory where pastry chefs and chocolatiers can create their own signature chocolates such as the Merrion Hotel in Dublin,  the Cliff House Hotel, Lough Erne, The Killarney Park Hotel and Benoit Lorge.

Cacao Barry is responsible for organising the World Chocolate Masters which takes place every 3 years in Paris.  The next event is taking place in 2021 in Paris where the finest Patissier chefs from around the world will compete over 3 days. Currently we are looking for participants between the ages of 18 and 24 who are looking to compete in the UK and Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters Competition. 

We are very proud to have Cacao Barry Brand Ambassador Chef Erik Van der Veken working as part of our team as our  Pastry & Technical Adviser.