In the 1930s, Bernardo Hernández Blázquez sold his first cured, handmade pork product. His son Bernardo Hernández García took over in the 1970s and began an Iberico pig breeding programme, and the brand name Beher gained renown. The company has since developed into a large family business to international acclaim and today is led by third generation Bernardo and Jorge Hernández Tinoco.

For more than 30 years Beher has been dedicated to the breeding of pure bred Iberico pigs and this is the key to their success. The same breed factor, free-range breeding, specific and controlled feeding, and the guarantee of animal welfare ensures homogeneity across their products. With farms in Spain and Portugal, over 3,000 breeding dams and 70 sire pigs, all of which are pure bred Iberico, as well as their own insemination centre, Beher abides by very strict principles when it comes to breeding and their pigs.

Beher is focused on sustainable farming practices, maximising efficiency through control of air and temperature flow, investment into a circular economy, transformation of waste into biomass, and investments into clean energies including a near-term project rollout for solar panel installation across all farms.

In combining craftsmanship, tradition, experience, and innovation Beher guarantees the highest standards of excellence and quality to offer a unique and authentic consumer experience. Present in all five continents, the Beher brand of products are found in the most discerning professional kitchens and food markets.

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