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Emerging from an ambition to create a vegan pastry book to challenge, guide and motivate pastry professionals in making the transition to plant-based pastry, it became evident that existing plant-based alternatives for traditional butter and creams fell short of professional expectations. Instead of settling, Be Better chose to innovate, leading to the development of a revolutionary plant-butter tailored for both artisanal and industrial pastry applications.

Be Better is a passionate start-up, committed to providing pastry connoisseurs with a superior butter alternative. Pastries made with Be Better boast a pure taste and the product’s low-processed, clean formulation is lactose-free.

Championing sustainability, every kilogram of Be Better butter used saves 9.5 kg of CO2 and 260 litres of water, claims validated by independent agency Eaternity. Furthermore, by opting for Be Better, professionals also reduce ingredient expenditure, broadening their market appeal.

As the dynamics of the pastry industry shift, conventional dairy butter faces challenges such as potential scarcity, unpredictable pricing, health considerations, and evolving consumer views on dairy practices. Be Better positions itself as the ideal choice for pastry experts who value taste, quality, and sustainability in their craft and business ethos.