The Rituerto family founded the Spanish company Embutidos Alejandro in 1987, a family owned company from the Spanish La Rioja region famous for its wines and chorizo who specialise in the production of 100% natural chorizo with a sense of tradition for which it is now renowned

Continuing the work their parents began in the 1960s, the company has been producing artisan chorizos such as their signature traditional recipe of hand trimmed pork leg and belly meat coarsely chopped and seasoned with smoked paprika, salt and spices.

The selection of the breed is very strict and the pigs are raised in the free range and fed naturally. Some of their references, such as Magno or Troncal, are perfect for making the traditional “tapas” since they are ready to cut and eat. Other products from Alejandro are aimed to be grilled or cooked, like Barbacoa; ideal for BBQ as the same suggests, paella, frying, adding to tapas, eggs, soups and stews a cooking chorizo and chistorra, a typical thin cooking chorizo from Navarra, pairs with cider. It has a rich Pork flavour enhanced with mild smoked Pimentón and garlic.

The chorizo sausage is rooted in Spanish traditions. Made from pork, fat and different spices, the most important one, paprika differentiates it from Portuguese and Mexican chorizo. Alejandro products are 100% natural, gluten and lactose free.