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Rick Higgins’ family opened their first butcher shop in Dublin back in 1880. The fourth generation master butcher has collaborated with his great friend Antonio Princigallo who has over 20 years experience in charcuterie, to create a unique range of Irish, artisan products. Their philosophy is to combine Italian tradition with Irish ingredients.

Inspired by a passion for their craft and by their travels in France, Spain and Italy, their traditional creations blend free range, locally sourced and cured Irish meats with Mediterranean flavours and spices for an authentic taste.

They pride themselves in sourcing certified free range meats from farms around Ireland, from this they have created an extraordinary range of charcuterie under the Forage & Cure label with coppa, bresoala, guanciale, salami, chorizo and prosciutto also available. The idea came to Rick when he decided to moved away from importing salami to use 100% Irish meat.

Rick travelled to Italy to learn more about curing meats with Antonio’s uncle, who owns a shop in which he offers artisan salami and other charcuterie products. He also spent time in Barcelona, where he worked with artisan chorizo producers, to ensure the authenticity of the Forage & Cure range.