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Terre Exotique Gingerbread mix

Siphon-Evolution Cocktail Foam

We now source Siphon-Evolution cocktail foam from R&D Food Revolution, a brand owned by Fleming Dirk Peeters and Rudi Van Beylen in collaboration with world-renowned chef Albert Adrià.

Banyuls Vinegar

Banyuls vinegar is a French vinegar made with wine from Banyuls which is exposed to the sun for four years and then aged in oak barrels for another 12 months.

Terre Exotique Colombo Powder

Terre Exotique Colombo powder is a spice blend of turmeric, mustard, black pepper, paprika, coriander cumin and fenugreek.

Culinary Journey Chili and Pineapple Sauce

This Culinary Journey sauce by Sosa Ingredients has a base of pineapple and chili which characterizes the sweetness and spiciness of Thai cuisine

Hijiki seaweed

Hijiki seaweed is a variety that grows on the coastline of Japan, China and Korea.

Neus Especial Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Neus Especial Extra Virgin oil is a delicious oil: fresh, green, dense and fruity with a spicy finish.

Terre Exotique Vadouvan

Vadouvan spice blend is originally from the south of India. This franco-indian mix is made up of spices, aromatic plants and oils.

Balsamic Vinegar cream with Raspberries

This balsamic vinegar cream with raspberry is a sweet and sour seasoning with a pronounced raspberry taste.

Cacao Barry Ocoa Pur Noir

Cacao Barry Ocoa Pur noir is a distinctive dark chocolate with a food cocoa taste and a hint of acidity.

Terre Exotique Fine Diamond Salt

This fine diamond salt comes from the Khewra mines at the heart of the Himalayas and gets its colour from its high iron content.

Culinary Journey BBQ Sauce

Sosa’s Culinary Journey BBQ sauce is inspired from a recipe used by the first American settlers in the 17th century. This

Pancetta Curada Iberica Bellota

Casalba pancetta curada Iberica bellota is acorn-fed Iberian bacon made from the distinctive Iberian pork belly.

Tartana Bomba Rice

The ‘Bomba’ is a short-grain variety of rice that is sought after by chefs and food lovers all around the world.

Terre Exotique Salish Salt

Terre Exotique salish salt is 100% natural, without preservatives or chemical additives. It is harvested from evaporation ponds before being smoked with natural red alder wood.

Baergfeuer Chili sauce

Baergfeuer chili sauce is a high quality artisan product made in Switzerland using habanero chillies mixed with salt, pepper and Swiss vinegar.

Fregola Sarda

Rustichella d’Abruzzo has been making pasta since 1924 using the best natural ingredients and following old traditions. Fregola Sarda is homemade pasta from Sardinia made with 100% durum wheat semolina.

Terre Exotique Dried Black Limes

‘Loomi’ or dried black lime is widely used in the Middle East. The limes are boiled in salted water and left to dry for several weeks

Soler Romero Organic Cider Vinegar

Soler Romero is a family business based in Spain. They have been making premium quality organic olive oils on their family farm and mill in Alcaudete (Jaen province) for six generations.

Irish Young Talents to Compete at the Junior Chocolate Masters

Redmond Fine Foods are delighted to announce that two young Irish talents will compete at the UK/Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters organized by world-renowned chocolate brand Cacao Barry.

Featherbed Ice cream

Our luxury ice cream is made at Featherbed Farm in Olygate, Co. Wexford by brothers Paul and Simon Cooper who joined forces in 2009 combining farming, culinary skills and the milk from their dairy

Van Nahmen white peach nectar

Van Nahmen peach nectar is obtained exclusively from the white peach variety. This variety of peach is characterised by a very intense aroma and full-bodied taste


Freekeh (pronounded free-kah) comes from green durum wheat harvested when still young and roasted to obtain a delicious smoky taste.

Fleur de sel with grilled spices

Terre Exotique fleur de sel with grilled spices is a beautiful mix of roasted spices and fleur de sel from Madagascar

White Soy Sauce

Shiro Murasaki white soy sauce has a pale colour which allows it to be used as rich soy sauce seasoning without darkening dishes like a traditional soy sauce. Use this white soy sauce to season stocks, broths, braised vegetables, rice or stir fries.


Barberries are widely available in Iran in the Khorasan region where they grow widely on the highlands.

Van Nahmen Apricot Nectar

Van Nahmen apricot nectar is made with Orangé de Provence, a variety of apricot that is named after its orange skin and that is rarely cultivated today.

Terre Exotique Trappers Mix

Trappers mix was created by mistake, when a trapper from Northern Canada spilt some salt in his pot of maple syrup and seasoned his dried bison meat with it.

Verjus from Périgord

Verjus takes its name from the French ‘Green juice’, as it is pressed from unripe grapes. It was a widely used ingredient in Medieval European cooking and has become increasingly popular in professional kitchens in the last few years.

Terre Exotique Dukkah

Dukkah is a spice mix that originated in Egypt where locals traditionally dip their bread in olive oil and dukkah.

Irish Garlic Scapes

We source fresh Irish garlic scapes from West Cork Garlic. Garlic scapes are the flower stems that grow from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants in late May to early June

Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao

This dark couverture chocolate has a powerful cocoa flavour enriched with subtle floral and fruity-sourish notes.

Summer truffle (aestivum vitt.)

The summer truffle resembles the black truffle but has a thicker skin and a less pungent aroma.

Chorizo Iberico Bellota

Beher was started by the Hernández family in the 1930s in the village of Guijuelo in Spain. Beher was the very first company dedicated to the breeding, slaughtering and preparation of the Iberíco pig and is now a third-generation family business.

Terre Exotique Black Lava Salt

Terre Exotique black lava salt is a natural Hawaiian black salt obtained by adding cleansed lava rocks to sea salt pools.


Priorat Natur is a family business which was founded in 1996 in Priorat in Catalonia, Spain. They specialize in olives, extra virgin oil, jams, preserves and honey.

Sosa Ingredients pistachio flour

We source pistachio flour from our partner Sosa Ingredients. This product is available in 1kg bags.

Terre Exotique Flower Mix

Terre Exotique flower mix is a mixture of French cornflower petals, marigold petals and rose petals.

Thornhill Cold Smoked Duck Breast

We have now added Thornhill cold smoked duck breast to our range of Thornhill duck products. The Thornhill duck breasts are dry plucked, filleted, vacuum-packed and then smoked by O’Chatten smokery.

Sosa gelcrem cold

Sosa gelcrem cold derives from potato starch, which allows you to do 100% vegan elaborations.It is a fast thickening agent with a neutral colour and can be mixed with cold or hot liquids

Lardo di Colonatta

Larderia Poggio is a small artisan business which was founded in 1999 in Colonnata in Italy and produce outstanding Lardo di Colonatta.

Semi-dried cherry tomatoes

Taste of Sicily semi-dried cherry tomatoes are available in 1kg packs. They are made with only selected full-flavoured tomatoes mixed with garlic and herbs.

Terre Exotique Sumac

We source high quality sumac from Terre Exotique. Sumac comes from the dried berry of the Rhus Coriaria tree. These red berries are picked by hand in summer time, dried for a month and ground to a fine powder

Capfruit Fruit’Purée Alphonso Mango

Fruit’Purée Alphonso Mango is ideal when incorporated in your dessert elements such as gels, crémeux and mousses.

Sesame with Umeboshi plums

The white roasted sesame seeds are seasoned with umesboshi plums and make a delicious topping

Shines Wild Irish Tuna

We now source wild Irish tuna from Shines of Killibegs. Albacore Tuna is one of the smaller species of tuna.


Sosa Bourbon Vanilla Compound

We source 1.5kg tins of Bourbon vanilla compound from Sosa Ingredients, a great value alternative

Terre Exotique Black Voastsiperifery pep

Terre Exotique Black Voastsiperifery pepper

The Voatsiperifery pepper grows in the tropical forest of south-east Madagascar. The vines grow in the wild, up to 30m high, which makes it difficult to harvest.

O-med moscatel vinegar

O-Med Moscatel Vinegar

O-Med Moscatel vinegar is made from traditional Mediterranean Moscatel grapes. This fantastic product has a floral bouquet with overtones of honey and peach.

Timiz pepper

Timiz pepper is an endemic pepper that grows in the wild, in the forests of the Southwestern Ethiopian highlands.

Handmade Bao Buns

Our bao buns are handmade in Bray, following a traditional Chinese recip

Cacao Barry Zéphyr Caramel 35%

Zéphyr caramel 35% is Cacao Barry’s newest chocolate

Chiloe Berry

The Chiloe berry is picked in the lake region on Chiloe Island off the coast of Chile.

Lampon black pepper

Lampon Black Pepper

Lampong black pepper is grown in the extreme south tip of Sumatra in Indonesia and is handpicked in the province of Lampong.

Cacao Barry Snobinettes

Cacao Barry snobinettes are dark chocolate shells with serrated edges.

Sosa pure pistachio paste

Sosa pure pistachio paste

Sosa pure pistachio paste is a natural pistachio paste with no added food colouring

Champonzy, mixed citrus ponzu sauce

Champonzu / Mixed citrus ponzu sauce

We source ‘Champonzu’, mixed citrus ponzu sauce from the Wasabi Company. It contains a generous amount of 5 different Japanese citrus fruits (yuzu, daidai, yuko, kabosu and sudachi) and homemade soup stock.

Penja white pepper

Penja white pepper from the province of Moungo in Cameroon is harvested when ripe and then dried in the sun.

Bataks berry

This Indonesian berry has powerful citrus notes of pink grapefruit and blood orange with intense notes of crushed mandarin leaves and floral bergamot scents.

Java Kiss coconut sugar

Java Kiss coconut sugar is derived from the coconut palm tree; it has a delicious caramel taste.

Dobla chocolate decorations

We have a range of Dobla chocolate decorations in stock. They are perfect to add to your cakes and desserts. Some can be used all year round while the bird’s nest and the chocolate bunny are ideal for Easter.

Sosa pralicroc

This delicious hazelnut paste is made with ground hazelnut and pieces of crunchy biscuits made by Sosa.

Sosa Ingredients Master Class - Limerick (28th March 2017) & Dublin (29th March 2017)

Join our Sosa Ingredients master class in Limerick on Tuesday 28th of March or Dublin on Wednesday 29th of March. Read more…

Terre Exotique World pepper menu

We work with Terre Exotique, a French company specialising in high quality peppers, spices and condiments from all over the world.

New Capfruit fruit purées: Bergamangado and Coranaba

Capfruit recently launched some unique new fruit purée flavours that were available for tasting at our Catex stand: Bergamangado and Coranaba. (Read more)

Recipe: coconut, banana & chocolate 'Barre de Coco'

Erik Van der Veken’s coconut, banana & chocolate ‘Barre de Coco’ features selection of Cacao Barry, Sosa and Capfruit ingredients. This gluten-free and vegan dessert is also egg-free, dairy-free and low in calories, however it is still full of flavour and textures.

Redmond Fine Foods at Catex 2017

Following the success of our stand at CATEX 2015, we’re delighted to be exhibiting at CATEX 2017 from the 21st to the 23rd of February 2017. We will be showcasing our key pastry products and suppliers while also having brand ambassadors from Cacao Barry, Sosa Ingredients and Capfruit onsite to lend their support.

Sosa Albumin

Sosa albumin is a substitute for egg white and a foaming agent which can be used with any kind of liquid.

Espinaler cockles

Espinaler cockles are fished in the Noya estuary in the Galicia region of Spain. They are carefully washed in sea water, boiled, selected for their size and hand-packed. These cockles come in water and salt, free of any preservatives.

Sweet pepper drops

This product is a variety of tear drop shaped, small red pepper which are originally from Peru


Country Miso

This authentic, premium quality country miso is made by craftsmen of the Kantoya company, based in Tokyo in Japan.

Solero Romero red wine jam

Soler Romero red wine jam is made using red wine from Ronda (Málaga) and aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

Cacao Barry bâtons boulangers

Cacao Barry bâtons boulangers are 8cm dark heat resistant chocolate sticks that are ready to use.


Champagne Rhubarb

Champagne rhubarb is back!

Sosa Maltosec

When mixed with fat, Maltosec absorbs the fat, transforming the ingredient into a powder offering chefs an opportunity to change liquids into solid form.

Weekly newsletter: Valentine's Special

With Valentine’s Day only three weeks away, we are focusing this week’s newsletter on products and ingredients that are ideal for a Valentine’s menu.


This week, we recommend:

Short ribs: beef short ribs become beautifully tender when braised or used in stews but also work very well when cut thinely and seared on a high heat.

Rib-eye: the rib-eye comes from the loin muscle, it has a generous marbling and high fat content which gives great flavour.

Irish Lamb

We source our lamb from Irish Country Meats, a Carlow-based company and one of the major lamb meat processors in the country which have been operating for over fifteen years.

Kelly Oysters

Our oyster supplier is Kelly Oysters, a family business run by brothers Michael and Diarmuid Kelly who are based in Kilcogan, Co. Galway.

O-Med Yuzu Olive Oil

O-Med has come up with this yuzu olive oil which comes in 250 ml bottles. This product is versatile and ideal for seasoning vegetables, salad dressings and fish dishes

Chocolate Sculpture Masterclass comes to Limerick IT

On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of January 2017, third year students in the BA in Culinary Arts in Limerick Institute of Technology will be treated to a masterclass in chocolate sculpture making from master chocolatier Erik Van der Veken from Redmond Fine Foods

redmond fine foods, brover, dried fruit


We now work with Brover, a French family business which have been operating in Marseille for over 80 years. Brover specialise in tinned dried fruits and candied fruits. They carefully source the best quality raw materials according to their strict criteria in terms of taste, size, appearance, colour and texture.

Peter’s Farm milk-fed veal

We source our milk-fed veal from Holland based Peter’s Farm, who have been leaders in their field since 1997.

Pomegranate arils

We source our pomegranate arils from India based supplier Sam Agri, a pioneer exporter of pomegranate. The pomegranates are carefully handpicked from certified farms and are from a single variety, the Bhagwa, for consistency and quality

2016 in Review

2016 has been a very exciting and busy year for Redmond Fine Foods. As the gastronomy market in Ireland continues to grow and flourish, creating many opportunities and challenges, we take a brief look back at the year that was before moving forward to the year ahead.

Cinnamon sticks

Our Ceylon alba cinnamon sticks come from Sri Lanka and are from the highest quality.

Chocolate decorations

We are now working with Dobla, a Belgian company specialising in chocolate decorations, chocolate toppings and chocolate cups.

blue 61

Blu 61

This soft blue cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk in the Veneto region in Northeastern Italy.

Mince pies and plum puddings

We source delightful Christmas treats from Brown Hound Bakery, a Drogheda-based bakery owned by Jeni Glasgow and Reuven Diaz from the Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill.

Black Winter Truffle (Melanosporum Vitt.)

The world-renowned black winter truffle is harvested between December and March and is now perfectly ripe for use in your dishes this Christmas season.

Cacao Barry Chocolate Truffles

Premium French chocolate brand Cacao Barry provide us with these high quality chocolate truffle shells.

Roquefort Le Vieux Berger

This blue cheese is made in Roquefort in the South of France by Yves Combes. Roquefort Le Vieux Berger is the last hand-made Roquefort cheese in France, making it even more special.

Cacao barry powdered chocolate, Redmond Fine Foods

Cacao Barry powdered chocolate

Cacao Barry powdered chocolate is made with just two ingredients: cocoa powder and sugar. Add hot milk or water to it and you’ll get a delectable hot chocolate.

Van Nahmen apple and quince fruit-secco

Van Nahmen apple and quince fruit-secco

Van Nahmen apple and quince fruit-secco is a dry and fruity aperitif with 0% alcohol and 100% fruit. This is a beautiful combination of the juicy sweetness of the apple and the acidity of the quince

Sudachi kombu ponzu

This sudachi kombu ponzu is an excellent ponzu sauce made with fresh sudashi (Japanese citrus) juice and a rich kombu seaweed soup stock.

Gorgonzola dolce DOP

This is an exceptional blue cheese, which is produced in the Lombardy region in Northern Italy

Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue

Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue is a Santo Domingo origin dark couverture chocolate with strong cocoa characteristics.

Van Nahmen Sour Cherry Juice

This Van Nahmen juice is made with the Morelleneuer variety of cherry, which are grown in the Danwitz fruit farm in the Lower Rhine region.

Caviar - A true delicacy

Caviar is is the unfertilised eggs (roe) of the female sturgeon and one of the most recognised food delicacies in the world; it’s an ideal treat for the Christmas season.

Cacao Barry Papouasie

This Papua origin milk couverture chocolate is creamy and gives off pretty, fruity notes of hazelnut with a hint of caramel.

Van Nahmen Constantinople quince juice

Van Nahmen use Constantinople quinces (apple quinces) and individual varieties of Portuguese pear quinces from 60 year old trees in the Lower Rhine and Münster regions to produce their fantastic juice.

Sambaizu/Bonito rice vinegar

Sambaizu is a high quality vinegar mixed with fresh bonito soup stock and pure rice vinegar, sauce soy, dried bonito flakes, kombu seaweed and mirin.

Fruit Elite ‘seasonal flavours’ purée chestnut and mandarin

This new seasonal flavour purée is a delicious combination of the smooth taste of sweet chestnut along with the perfumed tang of a mandarin orange.


L’Etivaz is a traditional Swiss hard cheese made from raw milk in the Alp mountains, above 1500m altitude between May and October.

Van Nahmen apple, redcurrant and raspberry fruit-secco

This Van Nahmen apple, red currant and raspberry fruit-secco is an apéritif with 0% alcohol.

Fresh yuzu

Yuzu fruits are a cross between a mandarin orange and a wild lemon called Ichang.

Ummera smoked Irish organic picanha beef

Ummera Irish smokehouse source organic beef rump caps from John Purcell at the Good Herdsmen and hot smoke them, resulting in a exceptional and unique product full of flavour.

O-Med Pedro Ximénez Vinegar

O-Med Pedro Ximénez vinegar is made with 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes

O-Med Cava vinegar

O-Med Cava is a savoury vinegar made with the classic trio of grape varieties for Cava making: Macabeo, Xarello and Parellada

Cap Fruit Lulo fruit purée

We source lulo fruit purée from our partner Cap Fruit, based in Lyon in France.

Cacao Barry Mexique

Cacao Barry Mexico Origin dark couverture chocolate tastes slightly sour at first, however its high cocoa content releases spicy and woody notes with a hint of liquorice.

Tonka beans

We source exceptional Amazonian tonka beans which work great with both sweet and savoury dishes.

Capfruit Fruit’Elite Seasonal Flavour Agrumes (citrus) bittersweet

This Capfruit fruit purée is a surprising combination of fresh and spicy flavours. Sicilian blood orange brings a sweetness while the pink grapefruit from Sicily adds a light bitterness.

Reblochon fermier

Reblochon fermier is a washed rind cheese made with raw cow’s milk in the Haute-Savoie region in France, produced in the mountains or on the farms of the Thônes Valley.

Thornhill Duck

We source Irish duck exclusively from Thornhill Farm in Blacklion, Co Cavan.

Villa Manodori by Massimo Bottura

With Ireland’s most anticipated food symposium, Food On the Edge taking place in Galway this month, why not try our exclusive range of Villa Manodori products from world renowned chef, and headline guest speaker, Massimo Bottura?

Thiercelin Hot Cacao, Redmond Fine Foods

Thiercelin Hot Cacao blend

Thiercelin Hot Cacao is a mix of cacao nib, pink pepper, sea salt, cinnamon, tonka bean, chili, lavender and sugar cane

Comté Marcel Petite Mélodie

Comté Marcel Petite Mélodie is hard cheese made from raw cow’s milk from the Jura massif region in France.

Cacao Barry Haïti Chocolate

Cacao Barry Haïti is a 65% dark couverture chocolate with a lasting taste of yellow fruit, citrus fruits and notes of mango, carried by a fine bitterness.

Yellow fin tuna (saku tuna)

We work closely with Amsterdam-based seafood supplier Jan Van As, who supply us with fresh and frozen seafood of excellent quality. We carry blocks of yellow fin tuna, also known as saku tuna.

Green yuzu fruit, Redmond Fine Foods, The Wasabi Cimpany

Fresh Green Yuzu

We now source freshly harvested, unripe green yuzu fruit, which will only be available for only a short period of time.

Mont d'Or, Van Tricht, Cheese, Redmond Fine Foods

It's Mont d’Or season!

It’s Mont d’Or season! Mont d’Or is a soft creamy cheese made with raw cow’s milk in the Jura region. Mont d’Or is wrapped with a band of spruce, which gives a pleasant aroma to the cheese and helps it retain its shape.

Sheelin beef, Liffey Meats, Redmond Fine Foods

Liffey Meats / Sheelin Superior Beef

Since its inception over 100 years ago, Liffey Meats have evolved from a traditional family butchers into one of Ireland’s leading beef processors. We carry an extensive range of products from Liffey Meats, including their highly acclaimed Sheelin brands.

De Nootzaak Gotje Nut Mixes

At Redmond Fine Foods we are proud to source high quality dried fruit and nuts from Amsterdam-based company De Nootzaak Gotje. De Nootzaak Gotje is a family run business with over 60 years of experience, who import only the finest products from select countries. They bake, salt and prepares all orders on a bespoke basis; each nut mix is incredibly flavoursome.

Game season is upon us!

We work with Ballymooney Meats to bring you the highest quality wild Irish venison. Our professionally shot game birds and ground game come from private shooting lands on the moors and surrounds of Yorkshire and are expertly handled by our supplier Taste Tradition.


Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water

Acqua Panna natural mineral water is bottled at source, perfectly balanced and refreshingly light

Cacao Barry Mycryo Cocoa Butter

Cacao Barry Mycryo cocoa butter is 100% pure, deodorized cocoa butter in powder form, obtained through an all-natural process called cryogenization

Peter’s Farm milk-fed veal

We source our milk-fed veal from Holland based Peter’s Farm, who have been leaders in this field since 1997.

Thiercelin Ras el Hanout du Roy

Ras el Hanout is a spice blend commonly used in North African cooking, in particular Moroccan cuisine.

Diforti- Italian Cured Meats

Diforti is an Italian family business owned by brothers Andrea and Carlo Diforti. Their great grandfather Luigi Diforti started creating antipasti in the little Sicilian village of Caltanissetta in 1875, to sell to local families, with the business growing from generation to generation.

Wild Yuzu Juice

This wild yuzu juice is hand pressed to deliver the highest quality and purest product.

Sosa ingredients Freeze Dried Beetroot

Sosa freeze dried beetroot slices come in a box of 40g.

O-Med Smoked Olive Oil

de with Arbequina olive oil, gently infused with the aromas obtained from olive pits.


Cacao Barry Madiforolo

Cacao Barry Madiforolo is a dark couverture chocolate with a very high cocoa conten


O-Med Extra Virgin Oil: Arbequina and Picual

O-Med is a small olive mill based in Ácula (Granada), Southern Spain. They produce quality extra virgin olive oil using the most cutting edge technology.


Kombu from Wild Irish Seaweed

Wild Irish Seaweed, a family run company located in Caherush Co. Clare harvest the finest sea vegetables from the Atlantic Ocean.

Van Nahmen Riesling Grape Juice

Van Nahmen is a fruit pressing company located in the Lower Rhine. They are a fourth generation family business and maintain traditional, artisan methods for pressing and only using local fruits.

Verjus by 8Brix

Verjus is a juice made with pressed unripe red or white grapes. It was a widely used ingredient in Medieval European cooking and has been very popular in professional kitchens over the last few years

Mini macarons by Panesco Food

This assortment of ‘Macarons de Paris’ comes in six different flavours: chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, lemon, vanilla and mocha


Beher was the very first company dedicated to the breeding, slaughtering and preparation of the Iberíco pig and is now a third-generation family business.

San Pellegrino

We are delighted to source San Pellegrino, the finest sparkling natural water and one of the most renowned mineral waters in the world.

Manor Farm – Chefs’ trip to Manor Farm Chicken

Last week Redmond Fine Foods brought a group of chefs on a field trip to Manor Farm.

Featured product: Capfruit Yuzu fruit puree

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit with highly aromatic notes. It is a cross between a grapefruit, a lemon and a sour mandarin. Technical advisor, chef Erik Van der Veken loves its acidic taste and recommends Yuzu for ending dinner on a refreshing note, as it’s an ideal palate cleanser.

Recipe: Deconstructed Exotic Tart

Technical advisor Chef Erik Van der Veken shares his recipe for deconstructed exotic tart.

Recipe: Churros

Technical advisor Chef Erik Van der Veken shares his recipe for Churros.

Recipe: Crema Catalana

Technical advisor Chef Erik Van der Veken shares his recipe for Crema Catalana

Cacao Barry Alto el Sol chocolate and citrus dessert

Technical advisor Chef Erik Van der Veken shares his recipe for Cacao Barry Alto el Sol chocolate and citrus dessert.

Technique: Chocolate Ganache

Chef Erik Van Der Veken share is recipe for Cacao Barry Alunga Chocolate Ganache.

Irish Seaweed - Wild Irish Sea Veg

We source our Irish seaweed from Wild Irish Sea Veg, a family run company located in Caherush in West Clare. They harvest the finest quality sea vegetables from the Atlantic Ocean.

Cacao Barry, Choux Pastry, Technique

Technical Advisor Chef Erik Van Der Veken’s Tip of the Week: Choux Pastry

Technical advisor chef Erik Van Der Veken shares his tip of the week for adding texture to your choux pastry

Introducing Alfredo Tobeña, our Key Account Manager

Here at Redmond Fine Foods we are delighted to welcome our new key account manager Alfredo Tobeña to the team

Panesco Food - BORN Fibre rich range

BORN is Panesco’s balanced and healthy fibre rich bread range, without any added sugars or fats

Cap Fruit: Fruit Elite - Exotic Ginger Purée

Cap Fruit Exotic Ginger Purée is a blend of Alphonso mango from India and passion fruit and ginger from the Ivory Coast.

Simply Soups' Stocks

Simply Soups' Stocks

Our range of stocks are produced by Simply Soups, an Irish company based in Naas, co. Kildare. They produce a full line of restaurant quality organic natural stock including chicken, roast beef, veal and vegetable.

Manor Farm Irish Chicken

Manor Farm Irish Chicken

We are delighted to partner with Manor Farm Irish Chicken. An 8th generation family business, the Carton family started trading in the Dublin markets as far back as 1775 and Manor Farm became its chicken brand in 1956, now a leader in chicken production in Ireland.

Capfruit Purée Blood Orange

Our fruit purée partner Capfruit is based in Lyon, France. Capfruit frozen blood orange purée is made with Sicilian blood oranges and has a beautiful dark orange colour with a tart, yet refreshing flavour.

Erik Van Der Veken

Introducing Erik Van Der Veken, our technical advisor

Here at Redmond Fine Foods we are delighted to welcome Erik Van Der Veken to our team. Erik works as a technical advisor in our company, selling and giving technical advice to chefs on our line of chocolate and pastry related products such as Cacao Barry, Sosa Ingredients, Capfruit and Panesco Foods.

Mara des bois/ Villa Manodori balsamico Valentine's bonbons Recipe

Featured product: Sosa Dried Chillies

We provide a wide selection of dried chillies sourced from our exclusive partner Sosa Ingredients.

Featured product: Casas de Hualdo Extra Virgin Oils

We offer a great selection of Casas de Hualdo extra virgin oils.

Panesco Food, Redmond Fine Foods

Featured supplier: Panesco Food

Panesco Food is a Belgium-based company, founded by Marc Messelis in 1990. They specialize in frozen bakery products with a strong focus on quality and customer service. We partnered with Panesco Food to bring to market their extensive product line in 2016

Featured product: Van Nahmen Juices

We proudly source award-winning juices from Van Nahmen, a fruit pressing company located on the Lower Rhine. Van Nahmen only use old varieties of fruits, grown in pesticide free orchards before being naturally pressed into juices.

New Year Sale & Open Day - Monday 11th of January 2016

New Year Sale & Open Day Event- Visit us at our warehouse on Monday 11th of January 2015 between 2 and 5pm.

We're hiring!

We are hiring! Key Account Manager, Dublin-based

We are hiring! Key Account Manager, Dublin-based. Click here for more details…

Interview with Quico Sosa: Owner of Sosa

Redmond Fine Foods had the pleasure of welcoming Quico Sosa, owner of Sosa to Ireland for the Sosa Ingredient Masterclass led by Chef Guillem Coral in Dublin and Cork last September. Quico Sosa kindly gave us a few minutes of his time to answer a few of our questions.

VanNahmen fruit-secco

Featured Product: Van Nahmen Fruit-Secco

We are now delighted to present Van Nahmen Fruit-Secco, a brilliant innovative range of sparkling drinks which contains 100% fruit and 0% alcohol.

Launch of Locks 1 Windsor Terrace

Last month we attended the launch of Locks at No. 1 Windsor Terrace in Portobello in Dublin. Head Chefs Keelan Higgs and Connor O’Dowd hosted a launch party during which food writers, suppliers, fashionistas and several well-known personalities were treated to a delightful evening of food and drinks.

Chef Guillem Corral, Sosa Ingredients Masterclass, Redmond Fine Foods

Interview with Chef Guillem Corral from Sosa Ingredients

Redmond Fine Foods hosted a Sosa Ingredients masterclass in Donnybrook Fair Dublin on the 28th of September 2015 and in CIT Cork on the 29th of September. Chef Guillem Corral demonstrated Sosa ingredients and techniques to our attendees before taking the time for a short interview.

Sosa Ingredients masterclass Dublin, Guillem Corral

Redmond Fine Foods’ Sosa Masterclass in Dublin and Cork

Here at Redmond Fine Foods we were delighted to recently host two Sosa Ingredients masterclasses. Our first session was in Donnybrook Fair Dublin on Monday 28th of September, followed up by our second outing the following day in CIT in Cork. Click title to read more…

July Fruit, Veg & Fungi

During the month of July, our fruit and vegetable specialist based in Milan sources beautiful product from all regions of Italy including Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Piedmont, Campania, Sicily and Sardina. Click here to read more…

Taste Tradition

Taste Tradition effortlessly offer consistently high quality and any volume of specific cut options of traditional breed pork…

Smoked Eel

Although Corine and Willem from the Dutch Eel Company began smoking eels in 2003, they have been in the industry trading live eels for the last 20 years…

June Newsletter

This month we bring you smoked eel from the Dutch Eel Company, aromatic spice from Thiercelin, rare breed pork from Taste Tradition and a selection of cheese from expert Michel Van Tricht….

Culinary Journey

Culinary Journey recipes ~ Tonkatsu Tartare with John Stone Beef, Marinated Salmon and Thai Green Curry…

Ponzu Vinegar

Ponzu sauce is a Japanese vinegar similar to soy sauce but with a much more distinctive, tangy, often acidic flavour.

Culinary Journey

Leading manufacturer of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry Sosa has developed a new range of products – Culinary Journey®…

iASC Seafood

iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is a blend of sustainable Atlantic shellfish, foraged seaweed and full cream Irish butter developed to…

2015/16 Product Catalogue

We are very proud to bring you our 2015/16 product catalogue – every page dedicated to Food: its provenance, its producer and what makes each ingredient extraordinary.

March 2015 Newsletter

Last month over 10,000 people passed through the doors at the RDS for the 50th CATEX event where we showcased Sosa products…

CATEX ~ Sosa

CATEX is Ireland’s largest food service event and runs from 17-19 February at the RDS, Dublin where we will be showcasing Sosa products.

Now 3 Tasting Menus ~ Sosa ~ CATEX ~ Quico Sosa

CATEX ~ Ireland’s largest food service event runs from 17-19 February at the RDS, Dublin where we will be showcasing Sosa products. Click to read more…….

Four à Idées

Our range of products from Four à Idées offer perfect solutions for the busy food professional from freezer to table. Leading Master Bakers…

Irish & European Cheese

Our Irish farmhouse cheese selection, which includes many international award winners, reflects the tastes and notes unique to Ireland and the milk derived of Irish pastures such as…

January 2015 Newsletter

This month we bring you pastries from Four à Idées, White Alba and Black Winter Truffles, Smoked Haddock from Kerryfish, Rare Breed Pork from Taste Tradition, Irish and European cheese and Albumina from Sosa…

Herb Fed Turkey

For the traditional offering, we source our turkeys from Herb Fed Poultry in York…


From canapés to starters, consider our hand smoked Irish Salmon from Shanagarry, Co. Cork. Bill Casey’s traditional cold-smoked salmon

Taste Tradition

Taste Tradition is a North Yorkshire farming family specialising in Rare and Traditional Breed Pigs and Rare / Native Breed Cattle and Sheep. They also supply all of our professional shot game birds and ground game

Wild Venison, Game Birds & Ground Game

Now that game season is upon us, we bring you wild venison, game birds and ground game from our suppliers offering you the finest selection of provenance assured game. Click to read more.


The taste of good caviar has no comparison – it is a truly unique eating experience beyond adjectives and synonyms

Chocolate: Cacao Barry Launch

On the evening of the 19th June, industry professionals gathered in the Morrison Hotel for the Irish launch of Cacao Barry chocolate. Guests arrived into the beautiful Art Gallery space greeted by Paul Kelly’s Chocolate Sculpture ‘The Embrace’.

Taste Tradition ~ Suckling Pig

Our exclusive partner, Taste Tradition is a North Yorkshire farming family specialising in rare and traditional breed pigs, rare/native breed cattle and sheep. Rare Breed Suckling Pig is their speciality. Click to read more.

Summer Truffles

The Summer Truffle (Aestivum Vitt.) resembles the black truffle with its surface presenting brownish pyramidal warts, once cut the flesh becomes yellow. The Summer Truffle has a distinctive and subtle aroma, less so than the black winter truffle, it is now at its peak in ripeness and flavour and the perfect time to enjoy this fragrant Truffle. Click to read more.

Japanese Vinegars

Our range of rare and beautiful Japanese vinegars each with its own distinctive character and notes. Click to read more.

Four à Idées

Our range of products from Four à Idées offer perfect solutions for the busy food professional from freezer to table. Leading Master Bakers, Four à Idées maintain the highest standard with their frozen French viennoiserie, patisserie, pastry, breads and dessert items.

Silver Darlings

We now carry a range of pickled Herrings from Kirsti O’Kelly of Silver Darlings. Based in Co. Limerick, Kirsti pickles Herrings according to traditional family recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother in her native Finland.

Vaughans of Liscannor - Irish Crab and Lobster

Denis Vaughan is owner and head chef of Vaughans Anchor Inn, a beautiful restaurant and pub nestled in the heart of Liscannor, a small fishing village in Co. Clare on the west coast of Ireland.

Famed for exceptionally innovative cooking and the use of beautiful produce, Denis works directly with local fishermen sourcing the freshest Atlantic lobster. This whole lobster is all meat, including tail (halved), complete claws and knuckle – app 200g of lobster meat.

Click to read more.

Chocolate: Cacao Barry

Our exclusive chocolate partner, Cacao Barry is the premium chocolate partner for creative chocolatiers and pastry chefs worldwide. Their strength lies in the sourcing of cocoa beans in origin countries, working closely with cocoa producers and selecting the finest beans for all chocolate applications providing a complete palette of artisan products while providing chefs with unique chocolate flavours and creative pairings.

Some news from our exclusive Chocolate partner. Click to read more.


Espinaler’ roots date back to 1896 in Vilasser de Mar when Miguel sold Moscato or Cazalla wine mixed with Brandy or Anis and later snuff to the local fishermen.

Five generations later, Espinaler are famous for their Salsa espinaler, primarily a sauce made for seafood that has become a national favourite.

Cocoface Coconuts

Founded in 2012, Cocoface import fresh coconuts from Southern Thailand. As the raw water is contained within the shell, this means the water is unpasteurised, 100% natural and fresh from the tree while retaining the full flavour of the water.

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry, the French premium Chocolate brand favoured by Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs worldwide. With a history dating back as far as the 1840’s, Cacao Barry offer a wide range of high quality cocoa products such as chocolate coatings, fillings and decorating products.

Sosa ~ Modern Gastronomy Demonstration

We had a fantastic turnout and response to our January Sosa Modern Gastronomy Demonstrations in Dublin & Galway. The event was hosted by Sosa Chef consultant Michelle Gillott, one of the UKs leading pastry chefs with over 150 chefs from around Ireland in attendance.

Sosa Modern Gastronomy Demonstration January 2014

In January we are hosting events both in Dublin and Galway with Michelle Gillott one of the UK’s leading pastry chefs and consultant chef for the Sosa brand.

Invitation to this event is now closed.

Cacao Barry

We are delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with Cacao Barry, the French premium Chocolate brand favoured by Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs worldwide. With a history dating back as far as the 1840’s, Cacao Barry offer a wide range of high quality cocoa products such as chocolate coatings, fillings and decorating products and the Purity from Nature range, three unique chocolate covertures, Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga.

Donald Russell - Dry Aged Beef

At Redmond Fine Foods, when we curate ingredients, we look beyond a finished product. We look at provenance, background story, the people involved, their passion and commitment. All of which are ingredients in their own right resulting in something pretty special.

Wicklow Farmhouse Cheese

Redmond Fine Foods are pleased to announce that we are now carrying a full compliment of Wicklow Farmhouse Cheeses.Wicklow Farmhouse Cheese is a small family business in the South East of Co. Wicklow. The Hempenstall family have been milking cows on a small dairy farm at Curranstown, Arklow for the past 50 years.

Super Aladin Smoker and Aromatizer

This kitchen tool allows you to infuse small quantities of food with real smoke, adding a delicious flavour and subtlety. Unlike other smokers, it has a big combustion deposit which allows to burn components other than sawdust, like small woodchips.

Capfruit - Our fruit purée partner

CAPFRUIT is a well respected company based in Lyon, France which specialises in a wide range of fruit purées. Its products are used in various recipes, sorbets, fruit jelly candies, foams, fruit creams, marsh mallows, ice creams, mousses Italian meringue bases, and creamy products.

France wins 2013 Bocuse d'Or

France has been declared the winner of the 2013 Bocuse D’Or with Denmark and Japan taking second and third places respectively.

The worlds most prestigious culinary competition was founded by famed three star Michelin French chef Paul Bocuse in 1987 and now takes place every two years. This years contest featured two-person teams working in identical kitchens for 51 / 2 hours before an apparently lively & enthusiastic live audience. This year contestants were challenged to produce an elaborate meat platter using Irish beef and 14 fish plates featuring turbot and European blue lobster. For the first time, the contest tested the chefs’ creativity by requiring them to improvise side dishes from ingredients they shopped for in a special Bocuse d’Or market the night before the competition.

Truffle News

In this last month of the winter truffle, we see that the effects of the optimum natural conditions, such as the mild winter and rain at the right times, has giving a great result for the quality of the Tuber Melanosporum. It is rare, that the winter truffles are so beautiful in this period of the season.

Sosa Air Bag Farina

If you fancy a delicious alternative to breadcrumbs with the savory smack of Pork, this Sosa Air Bag Farina product will deliver. Consisting of fine granules of pork crackling, airbag can be used as topping or as a coating to give a pork crackling crunch to your dish.

Our favourite Truffle has arrived!

The Spring Truffle, or Bianchetti has finally arrived. It is without a shadow of a doubt our favourite here at Redmond Fine Foods and in our opinion is the most exciting truffle of all.

Wild Boar, how all pork used to taste

Wild Boar was hunted in Ireland and Britain until its extinction in the 15th century. There has been sightings in the past couple of years but this is believed to be from wild boar being illegally released for the purposes of hunting, which inevitably will threaten agriculture and possibly spread disease. We are sourcing our wild boar from it’s indigenous habitat in Eastern Europe.

Shipton Mill Flour

Set in a beautiful Cotswold valley near Tetbury, the mill at Shipton Moyne Wood has been producing flour for over 1000 years. Today it produces a wide variety of Speciality Flours, using both traditional grain and traditional methods.

Maltosec- a closer look

One of the easiest Sosa Modern Ingredients to work with is Maltosec (Tapioca Maltodextrin) When mixed with fat, it has the ability to absorb the fat. transforming the original ingredient into a powder.

Truffle News- get the latest on what's happening in the truffle world

The highly prized winter truffle, the Tuber Melanosporum, is now at its peak of the season. The beautiful almost sweet smell is very pleasant and the fruit is dark. The rind varies from deep brown to black. This is the truffle, which is world renowned for its culinary quality.

Social media a growing investment for companies, says global research company

McCambridges, Galway

Mc Cambridges, Fine Food shop & deli, located in the heart of Galway are now exclusive stockists in their region of the highly anticipated Sosa Home Chef Range. This is a new range of Sosa retail size products, maintaining the same quality of ingredients as the ones used by the most famous chefs in the world.

24 Year old Ciarán Elliott is Awarded Prestigious Euro-Toques young chef of the year 2012


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