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Shines Wild Irish Tuna

We stock 1kg tins of wild Irish Albacore tuna flakes from Shines Seafood.

Dunany Flour – Organic Natural Spelt Berries

We source organic natural spelt berries from Dunany Farm in Co. Louth.

Featherbed Ice cream

Our luxury ice cream is made at Featherbed Farm in Olygate, Co. Wexford by brothers Paul and Simon Cooper who joined forces in 2009 combining farming, culinary skills and the milk from their dairy

Irish Garlic Scapes

We source fresh Irish garlic scapes from West Cork Garlic. Garlic scapes are the flower stems that grow from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants in late May to early June

Lardo di Colonatta

Larderia Poggio is a small artisan business which was founded in 1999 in Colonnata in Italy and produce outstanding Lardo di Colonatta.

Shines Wild Irish Tuna

We now source wild Irish tuna from Shines of Killibegs. Albacore Tuna is one of the smaller species of tuna.

Terre Exotique World pepper menu

We work with Terre Exotique, a French company specialising in high quality peppers, spices and condiments from all over the world.


This week, we recommend:

Short ribs: beef short ribs become beautifully tender when braised or used in stews but also work very well when cut thinely and seared on a high heat.

Rib-eye: the rib-eye comes from the loin muscle, it has a generous marbling and high fat content which gives great flavour.

redmond fine foods, brover, dried fruit


We now work with Brover, a French family business which have been operating in Marseille for over 80 years. Brover specialise in tinned dried fruits and candied fruits. They carefully source the best quality raw materials according to their strict criteria in terms of taste, size, appearance, colour and texture.

Peter’s Farm milk-fed veal

We source our milk-fed veal from Holland based Peter’s Farm, who have been leaders in their field since 1997.

Thornhill Duck

We source Irish duck exclusively from Thornhill Farm in Blacklion, Co Cavan.

Sheelin beef, Liffey Meats, Redmond Fine Foods

Liffey Meats / Sheelin Superior Beef

Since its inception over 100 years ago, Liffey Meats have evolved from a traditional family butchers into one of Ireland’s leading beef processors. We carry an extensive range of products from Liffey Meats, including their highly acclaimed Sheelin brands.

De Nootzaak Gotje Nut Mixes

At Redmond Fine Foods we are proud to source high quality dried fruit and nuts from Amsterdam-based company De Nootzaak Gotje. De Nootzaak Gotje is a family run business with over 60 years of experience, who import only the finest products from select countries. They bake, salt and prepares all orders on a bespoke basis; each nut mix is incredibly flavoursome.


Beher was the very first company dedicated to the breeding, slaughtering and preparation of the Iberíco pig and is now a third-generation family business.

Manor Farm – Chefs’ trip to Manor Farm Chicken

Last week Redmond Fine Foods brought a group of chefs on a field trip to Manor Farm.

Manor Farm Irish Chicken

Manor Farm Irish Chicken

We are delighted to partner with Manor Farm Irish Chicken. An 8th generation family business, the Carton family started trading in the Dublin markets as far back as 1775 and Manor Farm became its chicken brand in 1956, now a leader in chicken production in Ireland.

Panesco Food, Redmond Fine Foods

Featured supplier: Panesco Food

Panesco Food is a Belgium-based company, founded by Marc Messelis in 1990. They specialize in frozen bakery products with a strong focus on quality and customer service. We partnered with Panesco Food to bring to market their extensive product line in 2016

Interview with Quico Sosa: Owner of Sosa

Redmond Fine Foods had the pleasure of welcoming Quico Sosa, owner of Sosa to Ireland for the Sosa Ingredient Masterclass led by Chef Guillem Coral in Dublin and Cork last September. Quico Sosa kindly gave us a few minutes of his time to answer a few of our questions.

Chef Guillem Corral, Sosa Ingredients Masterclass, Redmond Fine Foods

Interview with Chef Guillem Corral from Sosa Ingredients

Redmond Fine Foods hosted a Sosa Ingredients masterclass in Donnybrook Fair Dublin on the 28th of September 2015 and in CIT Cork on the 29th of September. Chef Guillem Corral demonstrated Sosa ingredients and techniques to our attendees before taking the time for a short interview.

Taste Tradition

Taste Tradition effortlessly offer consistently high quality and any volume of specific cut options of traditional breed pork…

Culinary Journey

Culinary Journey recipes ~ Tonkatsu Tartare with John Stone Beef, Marinated Salmon and Thai Green Curry…

iASC Seafood

iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is a blend of sustainable Atlantic shellfish, foraged seaweed and full cream Irish butter developed to…

CATEX ~ Sosa

CATEX is Ireland’s largest food service event and runs from 17-19 February at the RDS, Dublin where we will be showcasing Sosa products.

Four à Idées

Our range of products from Four à Idées offer perfect solutions for the busy food professional from freezer to table. Leading Master Bakers…

Herb Fed Turkey

For the traditional offering, we source our turkeys from Herb Fed Poultry in York…

Taste Tradition

Taste Tradition is a North Yorkshire farming family specialising in Rare and Traditional Breed Pigs and Rare / Native Breed Cattle and Sheep. They also supply all of our professional shot game birds and ground game

Chocolate: Cacao Barry Launch

On the evening of the 19th June, industry professionals gathered in the Morrison Hotel for the Irish launch of Cacao Barry chocolate. Guests arrived into the beautiful Art Gallery space greeted by Paul Kelly’s Chocolate Sculpture ‘The Embrace’.

Vaughans of Liscannor - Irish Crab and Lobster

Denis Vaughan is owner and head chef of Vaughans Anchor Inn, a beautiful restaurant and pub nestled in the heart of Liscannor, a small fishing village in Co. Clare on the west coast of Ireland.

Famed for exceptionally innovative cooking and the use of beautiful produce, Denis works directly with local fishermen sourcing the freshest Atlantic lobster. This whole lobster is all meat, including tail (halved), complete claws and knuckle – app 200g of lobster meat.

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Chocolate: Cacao Barry

Our exclusive chocolate partner, Cacao Barry is the premium chocolate partner for creative chocolatiers and pastry chefs worldwide. Their strength lies in the sourcing of cocoa beans in origin countries, working closely with cocoa producers and selecting the finest beans for all chocolate applications providing a complete palette of artisan products while providing chefs with unique chocolate flavours and creative pairings.

Some news from our exclusive Chocolate partner. Click to read more.


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